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+ bEing a sEnioR +

Thanks for welcome to my entry again. In the previous entry, I've introduce about me and my roommates. Today, "Being a Senior" is my topic. Since young, my parents had taught me for always respect everyone in my life especially the older person than me. That's why I'm always respect the people around me, including the senior in my wings, either when I was in part one until now. We are close with each other. Although it was my first time being afar from my family, I didn't felt lonely because they such my true sister have besides on me. They give me support especially at the beginning I've been here (UiTM Segamat). Every time meet them, I will accost them and give a smile. In last part one, I'm very sad when got know we have to separate because UPK have used a new system like what I told you in the previous entry. When I'm in part two, I recognize other senior and they are nice too. It was a very sad moment when I've to be apart from my senior again. Most of them grad on that semester. I felt so sad. That is how my very good relationship with my senior. What about junior now? Are they respect their senior? Stay reading my post.
Recently, in MPP meeting with student, one of student have told their dissatisfied with part one on this semester. Most of them didn't respect their senior. One senior had crying because of part one student. Did you feel weird, the same goes feelings like what I feel now? As a junior, they must respect the older person than them. Although we came from rich family, we have to have good attitude to everyone around us. I'm not means that I'm good at all but at least I'm respect the senior.
Actually, we are very need senior in our life as a student. They are very crucial to us. For example, when we not hob-nob with senior and makes friend with the people on the same age only, nobody with us to give support and advice. They can tend to be awkward and do not good activity like what was happened recently in this campus. This is very not good activity especially for student.
I hope if junior read this entry, please change yourself and make people easy with you. Make my entry as advice and don't angry. As a senior, I wanted the best from my junior. But I know not overall student part one have a bad attitude, just a certain only. I'm praying the best for all of us. Let improve our self together into good aspect in order that make our family, lecturer and friends proud of us.
26 JULY 2009

+ my RoommatEs +

Hi. Thanks for reading my blog. Today I want to continue my blog about my roommates. Firstly, let me explain about my room before this. When I was in part one, I stayed at Zamrud FC to Zamrud FD for last semester until now. That means, now my room have four person including me, not two person on one room anymore. For this semester two of them are new and another one is my old roommates. Let me introduce all of them.
I'm very close with this person. Her name is Suraya binti Ishak but I just called her 'Kak Sue' and she is my old roommates. In this picture, she is who wear black scarf. She is taking Diploma in Business Study and this semester is her final semester before grad, Insya-Allah. 'Kak Sue' is actually, comes from Muar, Johor and was born on 18 December 1988 at Hospital Sultanah Fatimah, Muar, Johor. She is the eldest one from four siblings. Her favourite food is tomyam especially her mother's cooking. We have the same favourite artist, Faizal Tahir and sometimes we listen his songs together. 'Kak Sue' likes window shopping, holiday, sleeping, and reading. For her, all of these things makes she felt so happy. Recently, she went to Genting Highland with her friends. In my opinion, she is a very kind person who treat, take care, and pamper her friend, including me. She is very happy-go-lucky girl and easy going person. Sometimes, both of us share everything together (including personal problem) because we trust each other.
The second one is Norazuani binti Zolkipli. She is a quiet person but I believe this is just for the beginning. I'm sure that she will show her true colour after this. She loves to study when she have leisure time. I always ask her anything that I didn't understand on Financial subject. She takes Diploma in Accountancy and now she is in part five. I know that this course is quite challenging and she needs to work harder by studying when she has free time. She is from Kajang, Selangor. Before this, she has placed in Zamrud FC. I like her because for me, she is very humble and polite person. Sometimes, she advised me to work hard on my study to maintain my CGPA and don't be to playful although I just in part three.
Lastly, Hamira binti Mokhtar from Johor Bahru. for me she is very pretty. Although she is only one year older than me, she said that there's no need to call her 'Kak Mira'. She is a very open minded person. I still respect her as senior although I just called her Mira. She is studying in Diploma in Business Study, the same goes with Kak Sue. She is in part four this semester. Mira is a very simple person and I'm very happy and thankful for getting a chance to know her. Before bedtime, she will accompany me and Kak Sue to toilet. It just like we have known each other for a longer time but it is not. She is free hair, nevertheless, she did not forget her responsibility as a Muslimah. She always wake up early about 6.30 am everyday and wake us up. She is a very kind person. Like people say, don't judge a book by its cover!

That's all about my roommates. I'm so happy to have them in my life.

18 JULY 2009

+ aBout mE +

Hello, my name is Norfahanis binti Mohd Zamri. At the beginning, my grandmother want to put my name Farawahida but my mother was preferred Norfahanis. I don’t know what ‘Fahanis’ means, but ‘Anis’ means a loyal person. That’s my nickname. I was born on 13 June 1990, hence, Gemini is my zodiac. 19 years ago, I was born in Hospital Besar Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang. I’m from Shah Alam, Selangor.

My favourite food is fried chicken and I really liked fresh orange. I prefer to watch movies when I’ve leisure time. The best TV shows for me is Ewah-ewah because hosted by Raja Azura or well known as Kak Engku, who maked that program become very pleasant and hilarious. Shopping is the best things I like and it was a part of my hobbies besides reading novel. In entertainment industry, my favourite actor is Awal Ashaari because he is so handsome. My favourite actress is Elyana, who is the icon of teenagers today. Both of them are very talented and have complete package as an artist. The best singer I like is Siti Nurhaliza and Faizal Tahir. Siti Nurhaliza is a very pretty, kind and humble person. Besides that, Siti Nurhaliza have a dulcet voices and was got many award, the same goes with Faizal Tahir. They have good voices and most of their songs are very best.

Now, I’m studying in UiTM Segamat, course of Diploma in Banking. I’m so grateful because I get the course that I really wanted. Now, I’ve passed two semester. For me, Banking is not really hard course. But I don’t know how about this new semester. Maybe it is quiet difficult, perhaps! Thank God I get opportunity to further my study in here, the most peaceful place to study. I was placed in Zamrud colleges. In my opinion, Zamrud is strategically located because it is nearby Unit Pengurusan Kolej (UPK), and dining hall. Besides that, Zamrud is the only college in Sector B that provide cyber cafĂ© to facilitate student to surf internet.

Let me introduce my family. My father’s name is Mohd Zamri bin Haji Rohani and he worked as fireman while my mom’s name is Nooraslinda binti Sanudin. My mother is housewife. I’ve seven siblings including me. I’m the second child. The eldest name is Norfarahin and she is 21 years old now. She continues studying in Maktab Perguruan Islam, Bangi. The third is Mohd Fahazim, who was born on 1993 and now studying in Sekolah Agama Menengah Tinggi Hishamuddin, Klang. My younger sister is Norfazurin and Norfaraizzati, 12 and 10 years respectively. They are studying in Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Kebun and Sekolah Agama Jalan Kebun. On this year, Norfazurin will sit for UPSR examination. The second last is Mohd Fazhan Haziq, who have celebrates the fourth birthday on 23 June 2009. He is a quiet naughty boy. Recently, my mother had delivered a baby boy named Mohd Faiq Hadif. I think my siblings are unique because our name started with ‘F’ consonant after Nor or Mohd although our parents did not have ‘F’ letter on their name. I’m sure they have their own history. That’s all about my family. I love them very much!

11 July 2009